Posted by: scintillatingspeck | May 16, 2008


Guiding a mind through
a thicket of blooming thoughts
I find my own path


I wrote this haiku in 2003 when I was working as a library assistant at Simmons College, and also studying for my master’s in library science there.  There was a haiku contest for Simmons employees, which was to be on the theme of “why I love my job” or something like that.  To my surprise, I won the contest and received a nice prize (a gift certificate to a Japanese restaurant).



  1. Welcome back to the world of writing, my dear!

    This reminds me…I haven’t posted on mine since before DC…shame on me.

  2. Kristi, I didn’t even know you HAD a blog… how could you have kept it from me all this time?

  3. Daylight Wakens Me
    Time to Rise and Breathe Deeply
    Good Things are Coming

    Loved your Haiku Jen
    This is mine in response Ha!
    Bright Minds Think Alike!

    Cheers;) Moe


    Tuesday is the day!
    When Jen, Moe and Lily Play!
    Baby Boogie Time!

  4. Greetings, poet Moe.
    Welcome to my crazy blog.
    See you on Tuesday.


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