Posted by: scintillatingspeck | May 17, 2008

Maple saplings galore

One thing readers of this blog should know is that I live in cohousing, a form of intentional community.  This has some glorious moments, and some that are exceedingly difficult, and a lot in between.  You will probably hear more of my thoughts on community in future posts.  I also work for a non-profit that organizes study abroad in ecovillages, Living Routes.  I am most certainly a communitarian, even when I am tempted to run screaming into the hills to live as a hermit.

 My community is in the process of building a woven twig house, I think because kids will play in it, it will look cool, and the process of building it will also build community.  This is spearheaded by the able and organized Stacey.  Today we went over to Look Park to collect maple saplings (yes we had permission).

This was one of those lovely times when it feels so good to live in community.  It helped that it was a beautiful day and we were in the woods.  There was a whole stretch of saplings to cull, and cull we did.  I started off with my baby Lily on my back and a pair of loppers in my hand, lopping away.  Lily liked grabbing the leaves.  After a while I handed Lily to husband/daddy Tom, who wore her in the front, and she nodded off for a nap.  I continued lopping for a while with great company provided by my young neighbors Paige and Brock.  Then we dragged some saplings off the path towards the truck for bundling. 

There is something about straightforward physical work outdoors that helps to make me feel grounded and happy.  I have been trying to get outside more because it invariably feels good, or at least better than being stuck inside, and I don’t want Lily and I to end up with Nature Deficit Disorder.  Plus I firmly believe that a sense of alienation from the natural world is a big part of what makes our culture completely insane.

While Lily was napping on Tom and the sapling gathering was winding down, I had a rousing conversation with my friend Rosemary (whose baby Cecelia was also napping– Cecelia and Lily were born only 6 days apart) about birthing choices and the judgments of others.  Or more specifically, about how I get ticked off when people don’t recognize the nuances and complexities of birth-related decision-making and issue blanket judgments.  Maybe at some point I will decide to post about my pregnancy and Lily’s birth, which were difficult, but in retrospect I feel confident that I made the best choices I could.  It was good to talk with Rosemary who is both a good listener and has many thoughtful things to say on this topic (and many other topics).


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