Posted by: scintillatingspeck | November 2, 2011


That’s what I’m doing.  This blog may be well and truly dead, or it may yet have a spark of life, but only if I post something.

I’ve been avoiding this blog for a long time.  I would consider, intermittently, writing something, then tell myself, “No, that makes me feel too vulnerable,” or “No, I must attend to my child,” or “No, I am completely overwhelmed with work and moving,” or “No, everything I need to write about needs to be private” (but then I wouldn’t write it down anywhere else, either).

To be sure, there have been plenty of good reasons why I haven’t been able to write:

  • Volunteering at a breakneck pace for Grow Food Northampton, then from March through Sept 1 2011, working as a staff member for GFN
  • All of the effort involved in selling our house at Rocky Hill Cohousing (which finally sold in April 2011), then having to move twice– first scrambling to find a temporary apartment (in Hadley, where we lived for three and a half months), continuing to look for a house to buy, finding one and making an offer, getting to the inspection stage, realizing that there were so many structural problems with the house that we needed to start over, finding another one and making an offer on the spot because there were multiple offers at the open house, and finally moving into our new home in Florence on August 2, 2011
  • Full-time parenting (need I elaborate?)
  • Ramping up our activities around homeschooling
  • Dealing with personal attacks (I will not be elaborating about that here)

Okay.  Enough.  This is already tiresome to me.  I think I would rather write about the topics that have captured my attention of late.

Homeschooling: what we’ve been up to in the past few months, how my thoughts have been evolving about ways to approach learning, what Lily gets excited about

Our new home: what it’s been like to be in limbo for years, what it’s like to be settled in a new home, my hopes for our garden and indoor living spaces, delight over the raspberries, exploring the neighborhood

Activism: local food, Occupy Wall Street/Northampton/Everywhere, preparing for systemic shocks

Food: growing it, eating it, foraging it, preserving it, making merry with it, organizing potlucks

The power of Hanging Out, with much gratitude extended to the incomparable community space Owl and Raven

Rapidly changing economic/political conditions and what the ramifications are

Clearly, this post is not meant to have a unitary topic, but just to list stuff and get things out of my system.  Okay, system, do you feel at ease yet?  It helps, at least, to know that I have precious few readers, and those precious few tend to be kind.



  1. Well, Honey, I’ll read whatever–
    I support the idea of writing about days and hours, and what grounds you.

    Politics we have always with us, and the pettiness of some of our adult relationships, but what you write about making pasta with Lily, or answering her questions on a walk in the woods, is going keep reminding you of why you are so passionate. The path to making her able to make her way in a world that’s just being born, and finding people who are learning to parent that way–everybody’s cheering for that.

    Just remember, you are made of your passions–your whole life has been leading to this home–rest, and joy, and the love you share with Tom, are your sunlight and your soil.

  2. It’s great to read the update on what you’re doing and what’s going on in your mind. Please keep writing! And I am thinking of many of the same things.

  3. you inspire me, Jen.

  4. Nice to have you back Jen.

  5. Thank you, dear friends, for your comments. I am encouraged.

  6. Thanks, Jen! You’re inspiring me to get back to my own blog!

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