Posted by: scintillatingspeck | November 14, 2012

Who will grow up?

As I write this, it appears that Israel has initiated attacks on Gaza.  My mind is filled with images of bloodied, terrified people, and I feel outraged and fearful.  What is happening?  Why are there so many psychopaths in the world?  What now?

I saw the news upon returning home from an Earth First! gathering at Cafe Evolution tonight.  There was a presentation by two activists, explaining Earth First!’s principles of biocentrism, no compromise, and direct action, detailing examples of actions taken, and inviting people to join them.  It was a compelling event.  Other familiar faces were there, fellow activists from the valley.  I was especially struck by a film clip from a blockade of a road leading to a hydrofracking site; a swarm of young people had rigged up two tree-sitters above to a high-tension wire that stretched across the road, with a third person having U-locked his neck to the wire.  The authorities came in to dismantle the blockade.  It was disturbing to watch.  But this is what remains with me most forcefully, right now:  the police officer who said, “You think you’re adults, but you’re acting like children.  Stop behaving like children.  Get out of here!”

Who, exactly, is acting like children?  Is it the activists who see the larger picture of the destruction of the biosphere, who are willing to put their lives on the line in the service of defending our only source of sustenance?  Or is it those who use violence to extract as much profit as possible from the bleeding earth?  Is it those who engage in willful denial of the consequences of industrial insanity?  I’m imagining a colossal child who is simultaneously sticking his fingers in his ears and yelling “LA LA LA LA! NOT LISTENING! NOT LISTENING!” while running around punching others as viciously as possible and stuffing staggering amounts of candy into his pockets and mouth.  Oh, and deliberately poisoning everyone around him, can’t forget that.

And what kind of behavior are we witnessing in Gaza?  What kind of thuggery is this?  Is it the adult thing to do?

Who will grow up?  Who will put an end to the craziness, who will put their foot down and say “Enough!”?  Who will teach children that this kind of behavior is abominable and wrong?

Will my child ever have a chance to grow up?  How many times must I reckon with the idea that she may never get that chance?



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