Posted by: scintillatingspeck | May 3, 2013

Berkshire road.

great gulps of green
in the Berkshire May
tiny chartreuse tree-blooms
blowing across the road
and up into my mind

the river glitters and laughs
in burbling currents and stones
irrepressible liquid giggling

red-tail hawk wheeling above
beams a sharp-eyed message on the feathered air-
you are in me, looking down
on the ecstatic springtime of your middle age

crossing the Appalachian Trail
a glimpse of that brown footpath
is enough to evoke every burning step
of a thousand-mile journey
every flower-bedecked mountainside
that ever wildly yellowly bloomed

it’s enough to linger and warble
gypsy bird
on that freeway in the sky
tangled up in blue


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