Posted by: scintillatingspeck | May 4, 2013

A dream.

I took a nap today.  That doesn’t seem all that extraordinary, although for me, it’s pretty unusual.  I was overcome with tiredness and had the opportunity to curl up and zonk right out, and as I did so, a dream unfurled.

I was in the house of a friend, a woman I’ve never met in person but who has reached out to me in my waking life to offer solace and understanding.  Somehow, I had found my way to her distant house and taken refuge.  She wasn’t there, herself, but there were objects and rooms that I was supposed to examine and learn from, quietly, by myself.  I found a small journal, filled with notes and drawings, and realized it was kept by two people, writing back and forth in a call-and-response fashion, a private, interwoven marvel of thought and poetry and art; I was meant to see it.  It had been set out for me, opened at a certain page, inviting me to fall into it.  I held it carefully in my hands and read and read.  Then I had to go to the bathroom and went in and there was no toilet; I thought, what am I supposed to do now?  As I was standing there weighing my options, feeling the bodily urgency of needing to go, I turned around and a receptacle appeared, with a hole in the bottom that had no end.  Clearly that was where I was meant to relieve myself.  I felt a rush of appreciation that my conundrum had been resolved.  But what was I releasing?  Where was it going?  It wasn’t for me to understand, only to let go into a vast unknown.  It was a little frightening, but then a sense of great peace descended.  I eventually reemerged into the living room, noting each potted plant, the wall-hangings, the stacks of papers, the evidence of a life not consumed by tidiness, and felt welcome and safe.




  1. oh, jen, that is beautiful.

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