Posted by: scintillatingspeck | October 17, 2013

Clarity. Strength.

Tomorrow I’ll be starting a weekend retreat.  Although I’ll seem to be going “away,” the whole point of it, to me, is to be moving towards and being as present as possible with myself.

I don’t have a whole, long, detailed agenda.  I’m going to walk among the trees and look at the view from the ridge-top.  I’m going to cook for myself.  If I feel moved to write, I’ll write.  If I need to just sit quietly and think a lot, I’ll do that.  There are some questions I’ll be pondering; if any clarity arrives, I’ll be grateful, but I’ll be glad even if I just end up with a lot more questions.

Meanwhile, my eyes are diverted to a madly whirling child, practicing her own invented martial art, which incorporates a lot of singing and exclamations.  She says, “I’ve been practicing for so long, I’m going to be the STRONGEST EVER.”  Yes, my love, you will be the strongest You ever.

May we all be the strongest versions of ourselves, ever.




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