Posted by: scintillatingspeck | February 11, 2014

Press release about Scattered Sanctum.

For Immediate Release


Writer will travel with 7-year-old daughter,
examine themes of home and community

 FLORENCE, MA, February 10, 2014 — Jennifer Hartley, a Florence-based writer and homeschooling parent, is preparing with daughter Lily to take a three-month journey around the United States, beginning in June.  Focusing on questions about the meaning of home, community, intimacy, and impermanence, Hartley intends to document the experience by writing and self-publishing her first book, as well as posting updates to her blog, Scintillating Speck.  She is raising funds for the project through Kickstarter, a crowdfunding website.

“I want to understand, experientially, a sense of place in the world.  What does it mean to belong to a community, a place, a family?  What elements bring us together, and what drive us apart?  How do we create the social and emotional bonds that sustain us, whether that’s with people within arm’s reach or people spread out across the country?  In my experience, this is a tough era and culture to live in.  This project is about seeking haven by letting go of the shore, taking necessary risks to reprioritize and live fully,” said Hartley.

Hartley and her daughter will be hosted by 30 different people around the country, and she plans to pose the same questions about home, community, and connection to their hosts and others met along the way, sharing their answers and her discoveries in her book.

“Lily and I have received support from 42 backers on Kickstarter so far, and have until March 7th to reach the final goal.  Preparing a project for Kickstarter and calling for support from our community has been quite a journey in itself,” she added.


Jennifer Hartley is a writer, activist, and parent living in Florence.  She was a founding board member of Grow Food Northampton.   Her Kickstarter project, Scattered Sanctum: A Memoir, can be viewed at  Her blog, Scintillating Speck, is at

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