Posted by: scintillatingspeck | February 16, 2014

Very upset with Kickstarter.

I need some advice about Kickstarter.  Yesterday they posted a notice to everyone who has an account that hackers had accessed some of their data (although not credit card information).  They suggested that I change my password, which I did.  Now I have friends contacting me with understandable concern, and one friend has canceled her pledge.  This comes as a blow since getting to this point (53% funded) has been a hard road, with pledges leveling off (although that’s to be expected mid-campaign, I’m told).  I’m wondering if this security breach will be sufficient to wreck my campaign via Kickstarter.

I’m seriously contemplating restructuring the crowdfunding by leaving Kickstarter and doing this campaign independently.  This comes with a long list of pros and cons, no doubt.  Could you all help me come up with those pros and cons?  I’m going to an event for most of the day today, but will be back online later this evening.

It upsets me a lot that this has happened, and I don’t want people who support my project to feel nervous about their information being hacked.  It might be a lot harder for me to do this without Kickstarter, but there are some distinctly positive aspects as well.

Whoever hacked Kickstarter, I hope you feel really fabulous about trying to kill the dreams of people who don’t have big pockets to bring their projects to fruition.  But rest assured, this dream is not dead.


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