Posted by: scintillatingspeck | February 17, 2014

No matter what.

After some relatively dispassionate reflection (at least to the degree of which I’m capable), this is my plan:

I’ll continue with Kickstarter as planned to try to raise funds for my project, Scattered Sanctum. There are 18 days to go. I will continue to promote it in this form, having invested a great deal of effort using this particular platform. Any of you who would like to continue spreading the word, it’s enormously appreciated. It’s really come so far! $2,916 has been pledged towards the $5,500 goal.

If my Kickstarter campaign is not successful by the deadline of March 7th, there will be a Plan B, I assure you.

No matter what happens, I am fully committed to this project. This is the beauty and magic of committing to see a journey through to the very end. Every setback, every discouragement, every flat tire, even before we hit the road, is a chance for me to reinforce my determination. I wish you could see me now, feet on the ground, chin high. I am doing this no matter what. I mean that literally. No matter what.


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