Posted by: scintillatingspeck | March 27, 2014

How I relish thanking you.

It was the day after Thanksgiving, 2013.  Walking around the Tifft Nature Preserve in Buffalo with my cherished friend Liag, we conversed at length about the riparian currents of our lives and how to make sense of them, how to respond to them, how to shape them, if such a whitewater navigation can be called “shaping.”  That was the day the idea for my Kickstarter project, Scattered Sanctum, truly solidified.

From that point on, I committed my little boat to the insistent current.  I said Yes, I will.  Yes, I must.  Yes, I will float or paddle or be thrown into the maelstrom, but I won’t turn away.  I won’t cling to what’s familiar.  I will do what I thought I could not do.  It was time to take some bold steps.  Some of the most foundational questions of my life— where is my home?  what is home? what is community, and why has the pursuit of it shaped my being so deeply?  what does it mean to be close, intimately involved, with my dear ones?  where do Lily and I belong?  how can I let go of expectation and embrace change and impermanence?— were not willing to exist in whispers or occasional musings, but clamored, loudly, for full exploration.

It was a lot of work, putting together my ideas for the epic journey and the book, creating the Kickstarter campaign complete with a video (and learning how to use iMovie), planning out the fundraising process, and reaching out to potential hosts on the journey as well as potential backers.  It was a huge personal challenge.  There will be more challenges, certainly, once the trip begins on June 6th, and continuing during the writing process.  I’m reminded, though, more than ever, about how none of this would be remotely possible without the incredible support I’ve received.  I, we, all of us, we’re nothing but embedded in an interdependent web.  You can’t imagine, loves, you can’t fully know what it means to me, at this time in my life in particular, to be the grateful recipient of your gifts of time, money, advice, encouragement, support, and haven.

Thanking you is pure joy.

It pleases me so deeply to acknowledge those who contributed to my fundraising campaign (in alphabetical order by first name):

Adele Franks, Alison Rakotonirina, Allison Bennett Saupe, Beryl Hoffman, Blue Lyra Review, Carla Royal, Carolyn Toll Oppenheim, Carolyn Roosevelt, Dave Jacke, David Bennett, Davis Hawkowl, Debra Truskinoff, Dena Marger, Ela Twigg, Elena Allee, Erica Velis, George Harger, Got Grange, Hannah Shaffer, Heather Boyd, Jacqueline Jensen-Vallin, Jane Ludwig, Jay Mankita, Jenna Wikler, Jennifer Wilkerson, Jennifer Rau, Jesse Clark, Jill Brandenburg, Jill Fulmer, Jono Neiger, Joshua Newman, Judi Gentry, Karin Baker, Karl Klein, Karla Lindquist, Kathi Irwin, Kathleen, Kathie Breault, Katia Zarrillo, Kristi Chadwick, Kyther Spiritquest, Laura Fortin, Laura Prieto, Lauren Howe, Liag Zeppetello, Lilly Lombard, Lisa DePiano, Lori Desrosiers, Luke Swearingen, Marlowe Rafelle, Maureen Mooney, Michelle Driscoll, Miep O’Brien, Mona Shiber, Nancy Baker, Norm Keegel, Paolo Tiramani, Paul Chefurka, R. C. Binstock, Randle Brashear, Rebecca Young, Richard Piszczek, Robin Weingarten, Rosemary McNaughton, Ryan Rathje, Sally Erickson, Sameera Kapasi Mahendru, Sara Howard, Satya Chase, Shay Mullins, Skye Daniels, Skye Belle Przystas, the Solis family, Steve Jones, Sue West, Susan Avery, Susan Ventura, Tara Shakti-Ma, Toni Stitt, Translate Gender, and 7 people who wished to be anonymous.

In addition, there were many people who contributed advice, encouragement, and outreach who deserve special mention.  I’m quite sure that I’ve forgotten quite a few people who were most kind to share the link to my Kickstarter project on Facebook—please know how much I appreciate your help, and let me know if you would like to be added here:

Alison Rakotonirina, Allison Bennett Saupe, Anne Pyterek, Carolyn Roosevelt, David Eggleton, Erica Velis, George Harger, Hannah Shaffer, Jem Lova, Joshua Newman, Kelly Silliman, Leigh Salvage, Liag Zeppetello, Lily Hartley, Loma Huh, Marlowe Rafelle, Nancy Baker, Randle Brashear, Rosemary McNaughton, Saera Hanlon, Sam Dodge, Skye Daniels, Susan Avery, and Tom Hartley.

Blowing you all a kiss.

Jen giving thanks



  1. you inspired us with your dedication, jen. look forward to seeing you in july–travel well, you and lily ❤

  2. You are an inspiration, Jen. We look forward to reading about your continued adventures and will be following you around the country this summer. Perhaps we’ll even catch you and Lily in Viroqua! Much love xxx/ooo

  3. If you get to Seattle area, I look forward to meeting both of you.

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