Posted by: scintillatingspeck | March 31, 2014

Making do.

I wrote this on May 8, 1989.  It makes me laugh.  If I wrote a poem about “making do” now, it would look nothing like this.  Maybe it would still include ocelots.  And the phrase from Emilia-Romagna, land of my ancestors: “Do as those from Faenza, who, when they have nothing, do without.”

Making Do

Fare come quelli di Faenza
Che quando non c’e l’hanno fanno senza.
– a saying from Emilia-Romagna

If there were no apples
We would eat pears and bananas and watermelons and cherries.
If there were no trees
We would plant bushes and flowers and grass and cacti.
If there were no television
We would read and tell stories and play games and frolic outside.
If there were no people
We would be cats and cockatoos and antelopes and ocelots.
If there was no love
We would run and grow and buy houses and have children anyway.


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