Posted by: scintillatingspeck | June 9, 2014

Notes? Blather? Action?

I don’t think there’s any way to make this polished.  I’m finding it pretty darn hard to take any notes on this trip so far.  I hadn’t been planning to do the bulk of my writing during the trip, anyway, but I HAD been planning on taking notes.  How can I balance being immersed in this rather fast-paced, all-absorbing experience, and also take notes?!  Can I invent some kind of shorthand for myself?  What stands out for me so far?  What do I not want to forget?

I wonder if there’s any way for me to accept that I won’t remember everything, that there are always elements that get lost in the fray.  There will be no complete account, for all kinds of reasons, the vagaries of memory being one, the necessity of confidentiality (in some cases) being another.

So far two households have gathered us up and offered us haven.  At the same time as we are being shown such kind hospitality, we bear witness to the intensity and reality of others’ daily lives.  This is a great gift, of course, to be invited into the vulnerable center, to hear the life stories that are not shared widely.

I can’t write at length.  It’s okay.  I will just have to adapt to a new blogging style for now.  And no time whatsoever to edit.  You’ll all just get the raw ingredients.  I keep telling myself this is a very different process than it will be when I’m writing my book in earnest.  Maybe part of what I need to capture is the confusion, the movement, the spinning.

Lily and I are about to go swim in a pool, which is always a fun prospect for us.  More later, loves.




  1. It’s all good. Any chance you could pick up an audio recorder somewhere? I have a Tascam that I use when I’m too tired to write — I talk out my thoughts and ideas, and transcribe them later when I have time and energy. You could store your whole trip in a recorder, or periodically transfer the files to your laptop. You could even post an audio on here or on Facebook and let us “hear” from you!
    But regardless, it sounds great that you’re learning new things and simply being immersed in where you are. Thanks for undertaking this journey!

  2. Jen, go back to the questions you asked on the kickstarter as a refresher as to the ideas you had at the outset. Make a list of maybe the 3 most important/meaningful things you would like to keep mindful of during each day. Tape the list to your dash board. So you can keep them in mind, but also so that Lily will be reminded of The Quest. Then maybe at the end of each day, or maybe when you have come to a *particular* point of each afternoon, make a sacred ritual with Lily of sitting together and writing and drawing about those three questions for that day. Maybe? 😀

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