Posted by: scintillatingspeck | June 25, 2014

Huntsville State Park, Huntsville, Texas.

We all went for a hike at Huntsville State Park late in the afternoon yesterday.  Lily and Alex were looking forward to swimming, but that plan was nixed when we discovered that the swimming area was closed due to a “nuisance gator.”  We didn’t see the gator but we weren’t about to investigate too thoroughly either.  We had a mostly great time walking the path along the edge of the lake, although Lily got bitten by a fire ant on her finger (ouch) and then stung by a wasp on her arm (OUCH OUCH OUCH) and those parts were not fun for her at all.  She has since bounced back and is her happy self again.

I was thoroughly mesmerized by the incredibly different flora of east Texas.  What an amazing Earth.

Later today Lily and I will say goodbye to Nancy, Mike, and Alex, who have been so sweet and welcoming to us, and continue on down the road to Houston.  I’m hoping to reorganize our stuff in the car so I can find things more easily.

There have been multiple upwellings of feeling in my heart, throat, and eyes and I’m glad this is a place where I can pretty much let my hair down.  It’s so good to witness and be witnessed.

DSCN2187 DSCN2191 DSCN2193 DSCN2194 DSCN2196 DSCN2204 DSCN2205 DSCN2206 DSCN2207 DSCN2208 DSCN2209 DSCN2210 DSCN2211 DSCN2212 DSCN2213 DSCN2214 DSCN2215 DSCN2216 DSCN2217 DSCN2219 DSCN2220 DSCN2222 DSCN2223 DSCN2225 DSCN2226 DSCN2227 DSCN2228 DSCN2229 DSCN2230 DSCN2231 DSCN2234


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