Posted by: scintillatingspeck | July 12, 2014

Stinson Beach, Marin County, California.

Stunned by the beauty of the mountains and the ocean.  I wish my photos could reflect how beautiful it was.  They are terribly deficient, I realize.  Lily danced in the waves and declared, “Everywhere is paradise.  Everywhere is home.” Upon returning to Marlowe’s apartment complex, Lily joyfully played with the children she met yesterday, especially her soul-sister Gaia (check out the last photo).

The Pacific surf soothed my sore heart like a rhythmic, attentive, aural masseuse.  I’ll try to summon the sound of waves and the smell of salt as I seek to melt my thoughts down into liquid silver.

DSCN2622 DSCN2623 DSCN2624 DSCN2625 DSCN2626 DSCN2627 DSCN2628 DSCN2629 DSCN2630 DSCN2631 DSCN2632 DSCN2633 DSCN2634 DSCN2638


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