Posted by: scintillatingspeck | October 24, 2015

Moving mountains.

Today I picked up a free paper copy of the Valley Advocate, read most of it, and landed on the page with “Astrology by Rob Brezsny.”  This is what it said for my sign (Taurus):

One of the largest machines in the world is a “bucket wheel excavator” in Kazakhstan.  It’s a saw that weighs 45,000 tons and has a blade the size of a four-story building.  If you want to slice through a mountain, it’s perfect for the job.  indeed, that’s what it’s used for over in Kazakhstan.  Right now, Taurus, I picture you as having a metaphorical version of this equipment.  That’s because I think you have the power to rip open a clearing through a massive obstruction that has been in your way.

Aside from being appalled that there is such a piece of machinery in existence (why do mountains need to be sliced up in Kazakhstan, or anywhere?!), I did like the idea that I could metaphorically move mountains.  Because it feels like that’s what it will take for me to create real change in my life.  Or maybe I would just have the power to single-handedly pulverize a 45,000-ton bucket wheel excavator.

My power arises not from brute force but from intuition and love, of this I feel certain.

May we perceive the implacable strength of spun silk.  The threading depth of grass roots.  The churning energy of water wearing away rock.  The undeniable pull of gravity across the watershed, smashing through old, artificial barricades all the way down to the fertile delta.


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