Posted by: scintillatingspeck | November 16, 2015

Hilltown healing.

Just west of where I live in the Pioneer Valley of western Massachusetts, there is an area called the Hilltowns, one of the most enchanting places I’ve been graced to see.  It’s all rolling, rural delight with rivers and fields and stone walls and everything about New England that I love.  Today Lily and I and our friends went off on a jaunt to Glendale Falls in Middlefield; we drove down country roads (singing “Free to Be You and Me” most of the way) amidst the cows and panoramas and neatly stacked cord wood and wildness and ended up at the falls, where we would proceed to see no other human beings for the several hours we were there, just our little band of five.  And the trees, and the rushing, dancing water, and woodland critters, and the still-lush mosses, and a heart-shaped rock, and a very sweet dog.  That was just fine by us.

There is healing in those hills.















there’s a land that I see
where the children are free
and I say it ain’t far
to this land from where we are

take my hand, come with me
where the children are free
come with me, take my hand
and we’ll live

in a land where the river runs free
in a land through the green country
in a land to a shining sea
and you and me are free to be
you and me



  1. You are gorgeous! Great photos!

  2. Oh, that LOOKS healing. I am going to imagine I am there. Yes, I can smell the autumn air and the feel the cool spray of the streams. I have only been to New England in winter….


    • You are welcome to come visit, Kristine. I’d take you to Glendale Falls.

  3. Thank you for sharing this moment with us Jen. In spending about a year and a half in Williamsburg when I first moved here, I grew very fond of the hill towns and still find myself drawn in their direction when I want to get out into nature.

  4. The photos are lovely. Yes, I believe that Glendale Falls is a place of healing. I can see it in your glowing countenances in the photos. I’ve been blessed to abide in these healing places a lot in my life. The strongest I’ve ever felt it was among the redwoods. And here, right here in our beloved island home.
    Pomai’ika’i. All is blessed. All is blessed.

    • I suppose all places are sacred, but some feel more sacred than others, to me. I know what you mean about the redwoods being especially healing. How could anyone not feel it, there? And I can only faintly imagine what it’s like in your island home.

      Next week Lily and I and our friends will go to Chesterfield Gorge, also in the Hilltowns, for more soul ravishment.

      Thank you for the blessing.

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