Posted by: scintillatingspeck | November 21, 2015

Mulling over how to ask for help.

I almost titled this “Asking for Help.”  Then Inner Wise Woman stepped in and said No, dear.  You are not going to write and post this tonight, when you are very tired, drained, and jangled.  You are going to take a step back.  You can take some notes.  You can devote some thought to it.  But you are not going to dash off some words, in this instance.  You are right to ask for help.  Make your request as thorough, well-considered, and specific as possible.  You can’t do that tonight—you’re too fried.

Me: Okay.  Yeah.  I am.  You mean I can just go to bed?  Not worry that it will all be lost to memory lapses and confusion?

IWW: You can just go to bed.  I see you already took down some notes.  It will be okay.

Me: Really?  How am I supposed to trust that?

IWW: Honey.  Go to bed.  You posting slipshoddily will not help.  You staying up fretting will not help.  Sleep, however, will help.

Spoon me to sleep, loves?



  1. Trusting you got a good night’s sleep that night.

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